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A transformer is a device that is used to either raise or lower voltages and currents in an electrical circuit. An electric transformer is used to switch voltage from one electric  circuit to another. It consists of two coils, primary and secondary,  that are connected to a magnetic field. These coils work as a conductor  and the number of windings on these coils determines the ability of  transformer.

Alta transformers ca be provided with the following options:
Case A) - Encapsulated with uniformly distributed resin thickness
Case B) - Production in shells or in insulated containers
Case C) - Metal containers
Case D) – Metal container with oil or inert gas proof seal
Case E) – In air / impregnated with resin and/or insulating paints

N.B: Cases A/B/C/E can be supplied in PCB versions
Safety and isolation transformers

Operating frequency:
From 50 Hz to 100 MHz
Max. Power 3kVA
Insulation max. 30kV at very low dispersed current

Audio transformers (telephone)

Power used:
From 0 dbm to 60 dbm
Construction is mainly shielded (600 / 600 ohm) with continuous component of the primary winding
Case B/C

Signal and measuring transformers

Voltmetric current
With insulation max. 30kV and
max. current of 200A
Case B/D
Impulsive transformers

Produces with voltage insulation of 20kV max. and impulsive tensions generate do not exceed 30 kV. Area of transfer. Unit of measurement in Vµs.
This parameter defines the minimum area “tensions/time”. Transferable form the primary to the secondary with minimum deformation of impulse of entry.
Case A/B/C/D
A.T. transformers

Produced with working tensions
From 8kV tp 20kV
Power from 1W to 5kW
Test tension 30kV
Cases B/D
Toroidal power transformers

Frequency of use: from 50Hz to 20kHz
Power: from 10VA to 3kVA
Max. insulation at 6 kV
Cases A/B/C/D/E
Toroidal measurements transformers

Volt meter
Ampere meter
Power: Max. 50M
Max. insulation 30kV
Cases B/C/E
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